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Buying a Beach House: At a Glance

Updated: May 31, 2023

Assateague Island, Maryland

During the pandemic, the purchase of second homes skyrocketed. With the new "normal" of working from home and virtual learning, so many of us wanted to escape our home base for a change of scenery.

Demand for those homes increased close to 80 percent from pre-pandemic levels in many places, and coupled with seriously low interest rates, housing inventory reached the lowest levels we've seen in a long time with prices reaching historic highs (see 10 year challenge below)

Maryland vs. Delaware



  • More inventory

  • More miles of beach

  • Lower transfer taxes but higher property taxes


  • Quieter beaches

  • Lower cost of living

  • Lower property taxes but higher transfer taxes

Ocean Pines, Maryland

Things to Consider


HOA or Condo Association fees

Make sure you ask about these fees before you make an offer, as some association fees can be as much as $500 or more per month, depending on the neighborhood or condo building.

Also ask if there are any upcoming assessments, like a new roof or other architectural upgrades that could require a large payment from homeowners. Many older buildings at the beach are getting to that point, and you don't want to be surprised!

But don't worry, as a buyer you must receive a copy of the most recent HOA or Condo documents so you can read everything for yourself before moving on.

Additional Insurance

Do I have enough liability coverage?

Consider an umbrella (excess liability) to sit on top of both homes to ensure there is enough coverage; especially if you plan on renting out the home.

Do I need flood insurance coverage?

You may have heard about flood insurance and wondered if you really need it. While certain areas are prone to flooding, it can happen anywhere and at any time. You should definitely consider getting a policy if you are purchasing a property in a coastal area, even if the bank doesn't require it.

What coverage do I need if I purchase a condo vs a home?

If you are purchasing a condo, make sure to request a copy of the association bylaws and/or master policy. They may require specific coverages.


Reach out to Stacy to talk more about the possibility of buying a second home at the beach: or 443.465.0954.


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