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Shop Small: Style Your Home With Etsy

Updated: May 31, 2023

Etsy is a global online marketplace where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. Shopping Etsy is a great way to support small businesses and independent artists, which is why it's one of my go-to's when it comes to designing spaces.

If you love a custom look without the huge price tag, then you will likely love Etsy. When designing and building my new house, I wanted to cultivate a unique, eclectic look, rather than sticking with the kind of mainstream pieces that I had in my other homes [not that there's anything wrong with those pieces; I was just looking to do something different].

I purchased tons of items from Etsy: cabinet hardware, fabric, pillows, window coverings, artwork, and more. I've spent lots of time scouring the corners of Etsy and I want to share some of the best finds and shops with you!

Throw Pillows

Above, middle: I have a pillow from this shop (mine is navy with pink trim) and I love it - super high quality and just beautiful.

PRO TIP: Purchase these inserts from Amazon and then you can just purchase the pillow covers from Etsy and swap them out regularly.

PRO TIP 2: If you are looking for a high-end fabric like Schumacher, Scalamandré or Thibaut, most sellers will allow you to choose a pillow with the print on the front only, and then a solid, less expensive fabric on the back, which will make these pillows more affordable. Personally, I don't mind if my pillows have the main fabric on one side only, but of course it's a personal preference and all depends on your budget.


I love that you can purchase original art on Etsy at an affordable price. Many of these works are one of a kind, and some are prints of originals from artists all over the world. You can really get lost looking at art on Etsy, and there are SO MANY amazing shops, but below are a few of my recent favorites.

I also love these shops:

Cabinet Hardware

Etsy is my first stop when purchasing for myself or recommending cabinet hardware to my clients. You just can't beat the selection, and with SO MANY reviews, you can get a sense of the quality of the product and see photos from real customers.

I have purchased several sets of cabinet hardware from this Etsy shop and was never disappointed. They offer discounts and super quick shipping if you make a larger purchase.

Other Home Favorites


Get in touch if you need help designing your space with custom, handmade items from Etsy!

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