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How to Create Personality in Your Home - Four Simple Solutions

Updated: Aug 11, 2023


*This post contains some affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase I may earn a commission at no cost to you.


I'll admit, there is an appropriate time & place for neutral, muted design. Sand & stone, cool blues & greens are beautiful and calming, and those colors create one of my favorite palettes. In fact, I've designed many neutral spaces over the years and though I love them, I've recently been craving more personality and a bolder statement in my design.

So I'm here to give you some tips on how to create spaces with personality in your home... even if you're a little scared. So go ahead, keep reading!

So how do you create a bold space that makes a statement in your home?


Neutrals are safe. You probably won't ever find someone who questions your choice of greige and pale blue, and while I do love this color palette, I find that you CAN elevate your neutral design with just the introduction of one accent color. Doing this will allow you to keep the base of your space neutral while injecting some personality in a relatively effortless way.

Here's how:

Add any gem tone to a cool, white palette:

Photo courtesy of House & Home

Now, where to add these colors:


Aside from color, pattern is a close second if you want to add some personality to an otherwise drab space. I absolutely LOVE pattern of all kinds: geometric, animal print, abstract... you name it, I've probably incorporated it.

If you're hesitant to add bold pattern to your space, my advice is start small: i.e. trim on your window treatments, ONE or TWO throw pillows, a small area rug, or a bedspread just to name a few ideas. Once you see how these patterns transform your space, trust me, you'll be ready to add more pattern in no time!

The Beginner's Guide to Pattern:

Step 1: Choose just ONE item from any ONE category.

Step 2: See how much you love that ONE item

Step 3: Choose another item from a different category




Check out this blog post for lots of throw pillow suggestions.


Think: at your front door, in a bathroom, as a runner, or in front of your kitchen sink. Remember, the name of the game when injecting personality into a space is START SMALL.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Wallpaper could be the. single. element. that you can add to your space to give it personality, and if you've seen photos of my home, you know that I absolutely practice what I preach! I have a separate blog solely on some of my favorite wallpaper, but here are some other options that can really transform your space.

Remember: like everything, START SMALL. A powder room or mudroom are two great spaces to try incorporating wallpaper, but trust me - you're gonna love it. And if you're scared of the commitment, keep in mind that most manufacturers offer peel & stick options!


If you really want your personality to shine in your home, try incorporating something unexpected that you feel really represents YOU, even if it doesn't follow the "rules" of design. This could literally be anything, but below I offer some suggestions and some photos of my home and the unexpected elements I incorporated.

wallpaper, interior design, painted ceiling, laundry room, beaded light fixture
In my laundry room, I chose a bold wallpaper for one wall, and a painted ceiling with a contrasting light fixture
  • A dark painted ceiling or a wallpapered ceiling

  • An oversized, glam chandelier in an otherwise simple space

  • Trim or doors painted any color other than white, and bonus points for using a high-gloss finish

  • Mix vintage + modern pieces

  • Add unique trim or moldings

  • Incorporate different textures like faux fur, bouclé, velvet, stone, or rattan

  • Add black elements

  • Shop Etsy

  • Layer your rugs

My mudroom was headed for boring land, so I added a built-in and painted it Sherwin Williams "Rock Bottom," added large, bold artwork, as well as a natural fiber light fixture. My next step is to find some bright-colored baskets to replace the current ones.

I opted for layered rugs in my foyer, something I've never done before but I absolutely love it. It really gives dimension and texture to the space.

My tip for layering is to make sure you choose thin rugs, and use rug tape to secure the bottom rug in place.

This is the best rug tape from Amazon in my opinion. Note: the top rug WILL slide around a bit, so this is something you just need to deal with. I tried using rug tape in between the two rugs but it didn't quite work.


I hope you've gotten a few ideas about how to add personality to your home, and as always, be sure to reach out with any design or real estate questions you may have,


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