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Fine Art: Looks for Less

Without a doubt, one of the biggest impact items in a space is art. Artwork can set the palette for your room, it can pull everything together, and it can make an otherwise plain space much more vibrant and fun.

When I designed and built my home in 2021, I was determined to embrace color and have more fun with the design. All the other homes I have lived in have been very neutral - and don't get me wrong, I love neutral too - but I was also itching for something a little different, and I had FUN. The colors I had in my mind were oranges, turquoise, navy and green, and accents of black, so I began finding pieces that incorporated those colors for different rooms. And what do you know, in my family room - the first room I finished - the artwork was the icing on the cake, that one item that completed the space, that set the tone and pulled all the colors together.

So as I continued designing the rest of the spaces, I always came back to the art, and sometimes it was first and sometimes it was last, but no matter what, the art was always the one thing that made the space feel complete.

As stunning as this custom piece of artwork is - and it's STUNNING in person - I can't afford to furnish my entire home with custom art, so I'm sharing my favorite fine art prints for less so that your art collecting habit doesn't have to break the bank. You're welcome!


Where to Shop?

My favorite place to shop online for beautiful [and affordable] art is Minted. Minted is a curated collection of works from independent artists all over the world, and one of the things I like best about Minted is that you can "meet" the artist online, explore their website, shop other products, and even commission a piece.

Minted offers prints, canvases, and aluminum-mounted acrylic art in sizes ranging from 5x7 inches up to 48x70 inches, and you can chose to have your artwork framed or unframed, with tons of style options, matting, and some pieces even offer custom color options if you're looking for something specific.

The paper quality of the prints is super high quality and flattens nicely if you decide to purchase the unframed print and frame it yourself, like I did with the print below.

I have this print in a fun loft space in my home and absolutely love it!

While I've found Minted to be the easiest, most comprehensive site to shop for art, I also love Fy!, Society6, Urban Garden Prints, and of course, Etsy.


Affordable Art by Color






Reach out for a FREE design consult if you need help integrating affordable [or custom] art into your home.


This post contains some affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may make a commission at no cost to you.


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