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Stylish + Affordable Outdoor Rugs, Just in Time for Summer

Updated: May 31, 2023

I just love a good indoor/outdoor rug. They are so much more durable and easier to clean than strictly indoor rugs, which is why I favor them in most areas of my home. I have two dogs, so I've found that it's better to have an indoor/outdoor rug in high traffic areas rather than something traditional like wool or cotton. I love them in a hallway, mudroom, family room, dining area, and definitely as a stair runner.

So because I've spent so much time shopping for rugs, I have some tips and some favorites to share with you.


  • If you will be using the rug strictly outdoors, be sure that there is no heavy or non-slip backing, which is something that many indoor rugs have. A true "outdoor only" rug typically does not have a backing so that water can fall through and not get stuck inside the rug.

  • Pay attention to the material of the rug if it's an indoor/outdoor rug that you plan to use inside. Materials such as polypropylene (also called olefin), nylon, jute or sisal can be hard and scratchy on your feet so you want to keep this in mind, depending on where you plan to place the rug.

  • Outdoor rugs typically take longer to flatten than indoor rugs, so plan to place some furniture (or anything heavy) on the rug for a few days at least.

Amazon Favorites

Indoor/outdoor, ten colors available, 4.6/5 stars, and $128 for an 8x10.

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